by Gary Simpson

The Frescos depict the state of the world in statistics. The Artist has incorporated the printed statistics of the “CIA World Facts” within them. The series embraces the dichotomy of static numbers versus the randomness of the artist’s technique. A collage of numbers and names of countries printed on strips of paper, brass bars, slats of wood in varying lengths and shredded dollar bills, tell the story in a 3- dimensional way. For example #5 Aids, the threadlike brass bars shoot off the top of the fresco, not unlike the statistics that are “off the chart” in many of the world’s countries.

disparity 1disparity 2
disparity 3disparity 4
disparity 5disparity 6

disparity 7disparity 8

1. Life Expectancy at Birth.
inch of wood slat represents a number of years
the numbers show the life expectancy (see close up)

2. Gross Domestic Product per Capita.
Shredded pieces of dollar bills float on the surface
bottom of fresco shows statistics (see close up)

3. Defense Spending per Capita.
Brass bars are used to show the differences (see close up)

4. Birth and Death Rates.
Brass bars show disparity (see close up)

5. AIDS.
Threadlike brass bars depict aids rate going off the surface of the fresco
(see close up)

6. Gross Domestic Product.
This time the artist uses brass bars to emphasize the statistics
statistics are on left and right of fresco
(see close up)

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