EGYPT - Collection #2

"Hi Gary :-)

"I went to Al Tahrir Square today -Saturday the 26th of February- to collect the soil sample for you.. I started the -journey- from my current city ( Zagazig ) by taking the minibus to Cairo, then I took the (Metro) to Al Tahrir Square. There, I met Sherif -my friend- at 11 am. to take the collecting jar from him.. We found demonstrations demanding dismissal of the Government of Dr. Ahmad Shafiq & there were a large number of military police.. I tried to collect the soil from every available part of the Square. Sherif took some pictures for me while I was collecting the soil.

"After I finished, we called another friend -who lives in Cairo- to describe to us the way of the nearest DHL office. We reached it with a little effort, they were very kind & helpful & took the package to send it.

"Now, I will answer the questions you asked me in a former e-mail. I'm 22 years old.. I finished my studies at the Faculty of Medicine at Zagazig University last November, and I am going to be a trainee physician at the beginning of March for one year. I want to be an ophthalmologist, so I have already begun my training in a specialized private hospital for ophthalmology too.

My father is a consultant in ophthalmology, My mother is a physical therapist, and they both live in Saudi Arabia together with my 2 youngest brother & sister, Ahmad & Arwa.. I live here, in Egypt, with another sister & brother of mine, Alaa & Mohammad, who are studying Medicine too.

I'm from a city called Mit Ghamr in Daqahlia province, but I was raised & grew up in Hail which is a beautiful city in saudi Arabia.. I came back to Egypt after I finished my high school to attend collagein Zagazig University, that's why I live in it now. I love reading and I sometimes, write short stories.. I love traveling & meeting new people. Tow years ago I was chosen as the ideal Student of the universities of Egypt, so, I had the opportunity to participate in VIMUN 2008 (Vienna International Model of united nations). I used to be the president of the Literary Club & the head of the Glory Family in collage.

Take care.


Soil was collected in March 2011, a difficult time in Egypt. Click the image below for BBC's clickable photo map of Cairo's central Tahrir Square during the height of demonstrations.






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