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  • The process of properly importing the soil samples includes a rigorous and carefully controlled inspection by the Department of Agriculture. The process has been carefully worked out to permit approved volunteer collectors to participate with a minimum of detail while adhering to the necessary government requirements.
Soil Collection Volunteer Information
boxes inspectors jars
Click here to become a volunteer. Prepared package for soil collection volunteers Dept of Agriculture personnel processing an inbound Common Ground soil sample – Hawthorne, CA Soil Collection Wall: Jars containing soil are displayed with the country's flag

Volunteers are needed! Due to the scale of the challenge we are seeking reliable volunteers, both individuals and companies with diversified global operations who may help. Volunteers have no expenses, simply be willing to receive the box of materials, collect the soil, and deliver to the in-country freight carrier or office. For more information, see the How to Participate section of this web site.

  • Click Here to view the countries in which we still need volunteer collectors.
WANTED! 3 types of resources for collection:
  1. Travelers
    We supply a small box to take with you. It contains a soil collection jar,
    freight carrier prepaid shipping labels, and filled in forms ready to accompany the sample. We also provide the local freight carrier phone number.
  2. Friends or Relatives in foreign countries
    We ship a box containing the same materials and forms as above. Collection and outbound shipment process is the same as with Travelers.
  3. Organizations with offices in world-wide locations
    Special arrangements are made to accommodate those companies or organizations who are able to provide multi-country volunteers. The collection and shipment process is the same as above.

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