The Concept

"In spite of, or maybe because of the situation the world finds itself in, the project closest to my heart is a very large Fresco installation. That project has taken a turn that I believe may be of interest on a much wider scale.

"My vision involves creating a large series of abstract panels, 196 of them to be exact, one for each of the 192 countries in the United Nations and five discretionary. For this “Tectonic Art” endeavor, each panel would be about 42”x42” square and when assembled would be 50 feet by 50 feet. To prepare each piece, I intend to collect soil or sand from each of the 192 nations. The mixture will then be incorporated in the texture of the total.

"Behind the physical fact that each piece includes part of each country, integrated into the individual complexion of the piece lays foundation of my concept as a whole. It is composed like the Earth itself, of visible masses floating off tectonic plates, converging and diverging. The magma on which they all rest is Common Ground.

"The individual pieces will reflect the identity of each nation, but the implication of the whole is that there is an underlying unity. Just as plate boundaries don’t always correspond to continents, so too are national boundaries an artifact of human history. And just as the geography of the Earth has changed and is changing through plate tectonics, this project expresses for me the necessity of change and unifying wisdom of the process."

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